Casa de Alabbanza started in the heart of Pastor Francis Armstrong. Pastor Francis and a few others were visiting another local orphanage in Guatemala. They found a little boy on the street crying. When their translator spoke to him he found out that the money he had earned that day had been stolen. If he returned home without it he would face abuse from his father. moved with compassion, the group emptied their pockets and gave the little boy everything they had. Brokenhearted and burdened to do something, Pastor Francis felt The Lord telling him “To do more”

Soon after that Casa de Alabbanza was born. It’s purpose is to be a  loving home and shelter to abused and neglected children in Guatemala. It is also here to be a shinning light in a dark place. Reaching out further than just inside it’s own four walls, Casa also reaches out to the impoverished community. We hope to bring a positive, lasting change to each child’s life that comes to Casa; whether it’s long term or just a few months. Our mission is to see each childs life changed in a positive way, so they can change their Nation in a positive way. All for the Glory of the Lord.